Favourite titles

Favourite titles
Whether it is "Redefining literary techniques and devices", "Justifying Papua New Guinea Literature", or "Translating the Bible into Anuki", these offer valuable reading for the paperless student of literature, and indeed the best sort of literary entertainment you can get out of Papua New Guinea. Check them out either on Soaba's Storyboard or The Anuki Country Press.

Tuesday, 3 September 2013



Thank you Sean R. Ova for your poem, 'Trees', which marks the 100th posting by The Anuki Country Press.

By: Sean R. Ova

Through a historians eyes,

Trees long gone speak of yester – men. 

Through an architects eyes 

Trees erected with nail and bolt express 

Man’s frame of mind.

Through an economists eyes 

Logs strain and bend to stabilise the kina.

Through eyes of piety

Trees are sacred temples of a dwelling.

Through a medical practitioner’s eye,

Trees provide herbal remedies.

Through an astronaut’s eyes,

Trees adorn an otherwise bare earth.

Through a conservationist’s eye, 

Trees are the lungs of the world.

Through an anthropologists eye,

Trees reveal a people’s lifestyle.

Through my Melanesian eyes 

Trees are brothers that support 

Many generations.

Through the loggers eyes

Quantity over – night.

Through a trees own eyes,
Quality growth over a million years.

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