Favourite titles

Favourite titles
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Thursday, 15 August 2013


My good friend, Nelson, at Yonki Dam. He drove us from Lae up to Goroka and back.
I’m sitting here, at home, lounging away over a glass of some California wine, the cheap sort, mind, and reflecting on that trip to the Highlands recently. Such a beautiful country this, what with the right climate and all. No wonder the Americans find it hard to leave, with so many settling here for good.

Some of the spectacles would include the Yonki Dam, a South Korean masterpiece in engineering.

Other spectacles include markets which are good to visit and the things sold there are always affordable as compared to markets in the coastal areas.

Goroka township, at the time of my visit, appeared lay back somewhat, the only areas of activity being the market place and the sports fields.

In all, it was a beautiful country to visit.

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