Favourite titles

Favourite titles
Whether it is "Redefining literary techniques and devices", "Justifying Papua New Guinea Literature", or "Translating the Bible into Anuki", these offer valuable reading for the paperless student of literature, and indeed the best sort of literary entertainment you can get out of Papua New Guinea. Check them out either on Soaba's Storyboard or The Anuki Country Press.

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Braving a hundred storms

After Adele, Dr Myles Monroe, Alfred Lord Tennyson, Ian Dabasori Hetri, et al

There where storms
Are just forming and bird kings
Soar high in excitement
To rest weary wings

To close their eyes
In majestic slumber
Carried along by gale winds
And totally untroubled
By strident sounds of fear

That is where we long to be
As mere mortals, alone
And shrouded by clouds
Rain and cold –

Listening only to the strains
Of amphion’s lyre
Dreams that lift us
Higher and higher

Gliding along
Gliding along

Forever at rest
Forever at peace

When a quiet movement
Wakes us
To a hundred more storms


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